Hi everyone!
I created the 'i am poor' website because I don't have much money and find it difficult to get by.
I'm just a cute college girl trying to put myself through school.

For those of you who can spare a little something to help me pay the bills, any amount would be appreciated even if it's only a couple of dollars.
Please forward this website to your friends and maybe they can help me out too.  Thank you so much everyone!
xoxoxo :)

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I AM POOR.  Welcome to iampoor.com, the best page on the world wide web!  Hopefully by coming to this website, you will be send me some cash and money so that I can someday get out of debt and not become bankrupt and go through bankruptcy.  I am poor.  I will be able to pay my credit cards and not be charged high interest rates and my checks cheques will not bounce.  Maybe after all of this I will be able to buy a big house which will be my dream home and a luxury car or truck or SUV.  I will be able to buy lots of stocks, shares, bonds, mutual funds, and other securities and be able to invest in the stock market markets and stock exchanges in the USA on Wall Street like the Dow Jones or NASDAQ or in Toronto on Bay Street like the TSX.  I am poor. Maybe I will be have a lot of dollar bills and become a millionaire or billionaire and be able to buy lots of property and real estate like houses, condominiums, buildings, cottages, or villas!  I will be able to buy it all with no money down because I will have a very high credit score or credit rating.  I will have a lot of assets and a huge portfolio of equity and investments.  I am poor.  I will buy lots of jewelry like gold, silver, platinum, diamonds, and other precious metals.  I will have lots of holdings in crude oil, natural gas, propane, diesel fuel, and gasoline.  I will go to college or university or maybe even one of the ivy league universities.  Then I can become a financial consultant and get paid a lot of money.  I am poor. I can own multiple casinos and hotel resorts on the beach in a tropical paradise. I can have a big corporation with thousands of employees and earn a six 6 figure or 7 figure salary.  Then I will be rich and famous.
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